Interstate '76

Entwickler: Activision
Publisher: Activision
Release: März 1997
Plattform: PC
Genre: Action
2. Genre: Vehicular combat
Grafik-API: 3dfx, D3D, DirectDraw
Engine: MechWarrior 2

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This is All-in-One unofficial patch for Interstate ’76 and its standalone expansion pack Interstate ’76 Nitro Pack, which addresses most of the critical issues with these games. It also includes Shane’s netcode patches to be able to play normally over the internet when behind NAT.

I found this great patch on PCGamingWiki. Created by UCyborg.

Interstate '76: AiO Patch
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Included patches/fixes:


  • Fixed some, worked-around other memory management bugs, which improves stability; mission 12 -> 13 transition works in I76, also no more need for EmulateHeap shim (the only semi-useful thing from Windows 95 compatibility mode), which doesn’t actually fix anything.
  • Fixed game freezing when clicking menu option if hardware sound acceleration is available.
  • Fixed certain startup crashes/errors when initing graphics with 3D accelerated renderers enabled (Glide/D3D).
  • Skipped some unnecessary CPU checking code containing privileged instructions (crashes at startup if privileged instruction exceptions aren’t ignored by the OS).
  • Corrected memory checking code to avoid error about insufficient memory when system has more than 2 GB of RAM.
  • Fixed an issue with laggy physics simulation that occurs when the system has been running for several days.
  • Fixed an issue with music playback not restarting during gameplay after the track has finished playing (another issue that occurs when the system has been running for extended periods of time).
  • After the music track has finished playing during gameplay, the mission specific track will play again now instead of always the 1st music track.
  • Rearview mirror refreshes every frame now.
  • Includes Shane’s netcode patch for compatibility with NAT, Nitro Pack version also forwards port on router when hosting the game (if UPnP is supported).
  • Fixed registry handle leaks.
  • Added frame rate limiter which defaults to limiting the game to run at 20 FPS to workaround bugs that occur at higher frame-rates, also lowers CPU usage in menus and during cutscenes.
  • GDI windowed mode now works on Windows NT systems.
  • Embedded manifest in executables:
    • Marked as high-DPI aware.
    • Requests version 6.00 of Common Controls Library to enable visual styles in those occassional message boxes.
  • Executables have been flagged as compatible with DEP (Data Execution Prevention).

Nitro Pack specific:

  • Clicking Scenarios in main menu will no longer stop music playback.

UPDATE 08/08/2019:

  • DxWnd’s virtual CD audio feature now works when the computer doesn’t have any optical drives.
  • Removed OS check from Nitro Pack’s SPLASH.EXE (3D options are now always available).

UPDATE 08/12/2019:

  • Fixed inconsistent handling of playing CD music between Interstate ’76 and Nitro Pack (took care of regression from the first patch release plus I76 specific bug – same track is not supposed to loop).
  • Fixed music volume controls so setting max volume in menus doesn’t set it only to half.
  • Game can now select the correct CD drive for music playback when computer has more than one.

UPDATE 08/20/2019:

  • Fixed some oddities in Nitro Pack’s NET DLLs.

UPDATE 09/01/2019:

  • Fixed certain GDI object leaks.
  • Call DestroyWindow on exit (no more game window on the screen if the process is still held by the debugger).
  • Added frame limiter to the mission failed screen.


If you’re patching Interstate ’76, you must install Gold Patch first. Afterwards, simply extract contents of each game’s folder into your own, overwriting original files. Then double-click on Disable_Interstate76_Compat_Shims.reg to disable redundant compatibility fixes that Windows applies. Depending on system configuration, install location etc., you may have to explicitly grant Modify permissions to Users group on installation folder (assuming we’re running as user with limited rights).

Additional notes

  • Interstate ’76 still manages to corrupt its state if you play the TRIP straight from start to finish. It’s recommended to restart the game after mission 14 or 15, otherwise, it may eventually crash. Corrupted state can also observed at the mission start if the camera doesn’t show player’s car at the time the control is gained.
  • Weapon sounds cutting off (regression from latest official patch).
  • Some sounds don’t play under certain circumstances, likely due to very low max sound limit (8).
  • A3D wrapper is needed for Nitro Pack, otherwise all sounds play at 100% volume at player’s position.
  • On newer Windows versions, you may need to run the game with some kind of DDraw wrapper such as dgVoodoo or DxWnd with primary buffer selected as the renderer on DirectX tab in the game profile settings to avoid screen turning black while in menu/cutscenes.
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